ProCon Leicestershire Emerging Talent Membership - 2020 Refund
Supporting our industry's network of property and construction professionals

Dear Emerging Talent Member

The ProCon Board along with the Emerging Talent Steering Group have reviewed the Emerging Talent membership offer and have decided that you will be refunded your membership fees for 2020.

Not only has this been a difficult year in terms of networking but there seems to have been some confusion about when the Emerging Talent membership becomes chargeable.

The rules now set for this membership level are that the membership is free for the first 3 years and then chargeable for the following 2 years. You can be an Emerging Talent member for a maximum of 5 years before having to upgrade your membership level.

So to make things easier we are doing the following:

  • Refunding your Emerging Talent membership fee paid in 2020 in full
  • Starting your membership term (5 years) from year 1 in 2021 (so 2021-2023 is free for you and 2024-25 is chargeable)

We would like to issue the refund in the next week and will be sending a cheque and credit note addressed to your company. If you paid for the membership personally please let us know asap by replying to this email, so that we can address the refund correctly.

If you have any questions about this please call Allyson Jeffrey on 07803 126807 or reply to this email.