ProCon Leicestershire - a new membership year
Supporting our industry's network of property and construction professionals

Dear Member

Happy new year! And welcome to another year of your ProCon Leicestershire membership.

We are in the process of generating invoices at present and will be emailing these to you next week. If you are a corporate or large corporate member these will be sent to the main contact listed as part of your membership.

We'll also be starting some work in the next couple of weeks to update all of the information/data held for members on the website and to make sure that your individual and company profiles are accurate and contain logos, web links, social media links, etc. All of which will help to promote the work you do. So if you receive emails or phone calls from us, it would be great if you could respond.

And we have some great events planned for you this year already, so why not book now to reserve your place. Details and links are below:

7th February 2024: 9.30am arrival for a 10.00am start to presentation and tours. Close approx: 12.00midday
27th February 2024: 8.00am Arrival and Breakfast. 8.30am start to presentations. Close by 10.30am
21st March 2024: Arrival 5:30pm for a drink and networking, bowling will start at 6:00pm