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Danaher & Walsh - Trusted experts in the delivery of highway works

What is a Section 278 Agreement and why is it important?

It is very common that a development project will involve some form of works to the public highway. This may involve the formation of a simple entrance to the development site, or it may be substantially more complex, depending the specifics of the site and the adjacent highway.

Usually, these works fall under the scope of a Section 278 agreement. Section 278 of the Highways Act 1980 allows a promoter to enter into a legal agreement with the local highway authority to carry out works to the highway as determined as part of the development’s planning application.

In practice, it may allow for the construction of items such as:

  • Roundabouts
  • Traffic-signalised junctions
  • Priority junctions
  • Amendments to existing junctions
  • Right-turn lanes
  • Carriageway widening
  • Pedestrian and/or cyclist improvements
  • Traffic calming
  • Bus stops

A Section 278 agreement comprises three important elements: technically approved drawings, the legal agreement and the financial bond. It is a criminal offence to commence the works prior to the agreement’s completion.

Even once the agreement is signed, there are many important steps to be undertaken before breaking ground. These include the submission of necessary notices to the highway authority and application for all required permits. The highway authority may require your contractor to be specifically approved to carry out the works, and liaison will be necessary regarding the works programme and any traffic management proposals.

Furthermore, any works to the public highway will likely involve interface with statutory undertakers and utility companies. Underground services and apparatus may need to be relocated to facilitate the works. Early engagement with statutory undertakers is absolutely crucial to avoid delays later on.

Key to ensuring your project runs smoothly and to programme is appointing the right contractor to carry out the Section 278 works. It is also highly beneficial to appoint your contractor as early as possible.

The right contractor appointed early will be able to help you navigate the many complexities relating to works on the highway.

Danaher & Walsh Civil Engineering is a leader in highways works in the Midlands and the East of England. We have earned the trust of our valued clients by repeatedly demonstrating added value in the delivery of highway works.

We prefer to engage with our clients and highway authorities early in a project’s lifecycle. By collaborating at an early stage, issues and delays in the construction phases can be mitigated.

Our approach to this process includes:

  • Full interrogation of the design, gaining a full understanding of what is to be constructed, whether it is ‘buildable’ and whether it achieves its aims.
  • Early identification of issues and the proposal of design amendments or mitigating actions.
  • Our own take-off and compilation of our own bill-of-quantities, based on our realistic understanding of the works.
  • Clear definition of inclusions and exclusions, including advice regarding missing items.
  • The production of a comprehensive phasing plan and a safe, effective traffic management strategy.
  • Liaison with statutory undertakers and other stakeholders.

Contact us to speak about how we can add value to your next project.

About Danaher & Walsh

Today, Danaher & Walsh Group operates two companies, each dedicated to excellence in their respective fields.

The Civil Engineering contracting division has developed into a business that can now boast an impressive client portfolio from both public and private sectors. Aside from highway works, it specialises in bridgeworks, car parks, drainage, infrastructure, environmental and public realm works.

In recent years, we have won two ProCon Awards for projects that we have worked on:

Danaher & Walsh APS

Our Advanced Pipeline Solutions division uses a combination of traditional and advanced techniques to offer a complete solution for the repair, rehabilitation and life extension of underground pipes and sewers.

Drawing on our expertise and state-of-the-art technology, we can offer solutions for:

  • Collapsed sewers
  • Leaking sewers
  • Tree root ingress
  • Concrete and debris blockage
  • Displaced pipes and offset joints
  • Failed pitch fibre pipes
  • Sealing abandoned lateral connections
  • Pipeline lifetime extension
  • Re-purposing abandoned sewers and pipelines
  • Diagnosing pipeline issues
  • Works to pipelines that are difficult to excavate

Using trenchless technology is usually cheaper than traditional open excavation solutions, is better for the environment and leads to less disruption.

All of this is backed up by Danaher & Walsh's extensive and reputable civil engineering capabilities, meaning we can offer a true one-stop shop for drainage works.

Danaher & Walsh

Established in Leicester in 1969, Danaher & Walsh Group is a leading regional civil engineering contractor and sewer rehabilitation specialist.

The civil engineering division has developed into a business that can now boast an impressive client portfolio from both public and private sectors. It specialises in framework agreements, highway works including Section 278 agreements, bridgeworks, car parks, drainage, infrastructure, environmental and public realm works.

Our commitment to client satisfaction has earned us an impressive list of satisfied blue chip clients, including local authorities, academic institutions, main contractors, property developers and more. We are advocates of the long-term partnership approach and benefit from a high level of repeat business. Our participation in various framework agreements allows us to collaborate with clients from an early stage in the delivery of projects.

Our Advanced Pipeline Solutions division provides cost-effective repair and rehabilitation of sewers and pipelines using a range of modern and innovative techniques. Danaher & Walsh APS offers CIPP lining, patch lining, robotic cutting and much more.

We are specialists in UV LED technology, which offers extremely quick curing times using minimal power. Our compact curing systems can be safely and easily used in areas with restricted access. We are also approved installers of Sanivar products, which offer high quality trenchless repair solutions for a vast range of pipeline applications, including sewage, potable water, oil, gas and petrochemicals.

Danaher & Walsh

Danaher & Walsh Group Ltd
20 Granite Way
LE12 7TZ

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