WEBINAR - The Future of the City Centre

17th November 2020: 2.00pm until 3.00pm

The city centre plays a fundamental role in enabling exchange and interaction. It is the site of exchange not only of goods and services but also information and ideas, a place where work interacts with leisure and play, and where people’s lives intersect.

But that role has been under immense and sustained pressure as new ways of conducting retail have eroded the functions of the city centre and now with COVID-19 new ways of working. So what is the future of the City Centre?

Using Leicester as an example, Louise Seymour will look at recent development trends, increased city centre living, the focus on public realm, the office market (and its critical importance to the city centre), and take us up to where we were before COVID, and where Leicester City Council are focusing their investment going forward.Sarah Harrison will then focus on retail; where we are now, future trends, but she will also pick up on tourism and leisure and what next in these aspects.

There will be a Q&A session after the presentations.

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