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ProCon Leicestershire Awards 2014

Project Detail

The Solar House

Sustainable Development of the Year Award 2014 Winner

Combining the benefits of a Photovoltaic solar array, a heat pump and an energy bank has created a zero carbon home in Great Glen with the sun’s energy providing year-round heating, hot water and lighting.

Thought to be the UK’s first fully solar powered new-build home, the Solar House was built by Caplin Homes to demonstrate that zero carbon can be both achievable and affordable.

Complementing the capture and storage of solar energy, the building has also been made highly energy efficient.

Project Overview

Key to the Solar House’s ability to provide heat, hot water and electricity year-round is its ability to store thermal energy during the warmer months and use it during the winter.

Caplin Homes’ patented ‘Energy Earth Bank’ squares the circle of low demand during warm periods and high demand when it’s cold. Excess energy warms the earth underneath the home to be drawn upon when needed.

Energy flows within the house are being monitored by researchers at De Montfort University’s Institute of Energy and Sustainable Development.

A detailed paper will be compiled after 12 months, and the data collected will be used to model the energy system for use in other building designs. Interim reports show that the system is performing above and beyond expectations.


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    Parties involved

    Caplin Homes


    Contract Value



    Completion Date

    September 2013


    Scheme Location

    The Solar House
    Stretton Road
    Great Glen
    LE8 9GP

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